About VSI

VSI, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, is a fabless company specialized in the design & development of high-speed link technologies. The company owns core essential technologies and patents for high-speed networking technology and is now focused on developing products of essential use in autonomous vehicles.

VSI is also working closely with automotive manufacturers and foundries to design/manufacture networking products tailored to the demands of our customers. In addition, VSI is a key member of standardization organizations such as ASA (Automotive SerDes Alliance) and Open Alliance, where we participate in various standardization activities.


Aiming to provide cutting edge networking solutions required by various industries and manufacturers, VSI is expected to provide essential networking solutions for next generation automotive and industrial applications.

History of VSI

2014.06 : Incorporated

2017.03 : Venture Company Certified

2018.03 : Seed Funding (KITE)

2018.05 : Received TIPS Program Funding

2019.04 : Received Government Research Fund for Automotive Ethernet Development

2019.09 : Opens US Office in Silicon Valley (Velonect)

2020.04 : MOU with Automotive MCU Partner (Infineon)

2020.04 : Received Government Research Fund for Automotive SerDes