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First multi-vendor ASA Demo

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

The first multi-vendor ASA Motion Link Demonstration in a Proof of Concept

The live demonstration will take place at the Automotive Ethernet Congress being held in Munich from Mar 21-23.

March 17, 2023(Munich) today, Automotive SerDes Alliance(ASA) announced the first public demonstration of the ASA Motion Link technology involving chip implementations from multiple vendors.

The technology will be shown at the ninth Automotive Ethernet Congress to be held on March 21-23, 2023 at the Hilton Munich Airport, as part of a Proof of Concept(PoC) displayed by the BMW Group. The PoC shows several cameras and displays using ASA Motion Link technology as well as IEEE 802.3ch Ethernet connected over an Ethernet backbone. Additionally, the ASA Motion Link communication will use Shielded Twisted Pair(STP) as well as Coxial cables. The hardware for the ASA Motion Link comes from AVIVA Links and VSI. The ASA Promter Mebmers Broadcom Inc. and Microchip Technology contribute to this version of the PoC with IEEE 802.3 products.

"With rising numbers of high-resolution cameras in and around the vehicles as well as multiple displays informing the driver and its passengers, the amount of SerDes links is on a steep rise. With the ASA Motion Link, a standardized, modern, and performant SerDes solution is available that targets the specific requirements of these applications and fosters the development of an open, interopearable multi-vendo eco-system," said Christoph Arndt, Head of In-Vehicle Networks from Continental, the company that holds the ASA Chair position.

"The Automotive SerDes Alliance was established to enable standards based automotive SerDes. This multi-vendor demonstration is a pivotal step towards fulfilling that goal and the advancement of the ASA Motion Link eco-system in general," said Kamal Dalmia, Chair of ASA marketing commitee. " True potential of ASA Motion Link is now becoming clear and as a result market interest in ASA is gaining true momentum."

Over the past few years, the tremendous growth in the number of cameras and displays in automobiles has led to an explosive demand for automotive high-speed commnication. Unitl now, the availability of Automotive optimized SerDes standards has been limited. In the Automotive SerDes Alliance(ASA), more than 100 members, including automotive heavy weights such as BMW Group, Continental, Denso, Ford Motors, Hyundai Mobis, Stellantis, Valeo, and ZF have benn working together since May 2019 to address the situation and develop the required Automotive SerDes specifications.

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VSI, Autosense 2023에서 ASA Motion Link 기술 선보여

오토월드 뮤지엄, 브뤼셀 Autosense 2023에서 VSI는 차세대 ASA Motion Link 기술의 라이브 데모로 산업 전문가들과 참석자들의 시선을 집중시키고 있습니다. 이번 행사에서 VSI는 10GBASE-T1 이더넷 기술과 ASAML 표준 SerDes 기술을 결합한 Proof-of-Concept 시스템을 통해 차량용 디스플레이에서의 고속 비디오

한국자동차공학회 이화세미나

VSI 강수원 대표, SDV를 위한 차량용 이더넷 기술 강연 9월 12일, 한국자동차공학회 (KSAE)에서 주최하는 자동차반도체 및 시스템 S/W 세미에서 VSI 강수원 대표는 SDV(Software-defined-Vehicle) 을 위한 차량 내 네트워킹 (In-Vehicle-Networking)의 전망과 기술에 대하여 강연하였습니다. 1강에서는 자동차


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