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The New Network Technology
for Automotive Applications

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SerDes Technology

SerDes Products

Advanced Driver Assistant Systems (ADAS) and infotainment have become an essential technology as Autonomous Vehicle (AV) is becoming a reality.

The high-speed serial links are critical to support these applications.

VSI is taking the lead in developing serial links, a.k.a. SerDes products.

SerDes Features


High-Speed data transmitting:  up to  16Gbps

VSI's SerDes products support a High-Speed data rate from 8Gbps to 16Gbps and offer easy scalability (future-proof).

Support 4K/8K Video, Camera transmission for Automotive Applications.

The pioneer of  the High-Speed  SerDes Chip, supporting Global Automotive Standard (ASA  'Motion Link')

ASA(Automotive SerDes Alliance) is a non-profit industry alliance of automotive technology providers to standardize  automotive SerDes.

ASA standard was published in 2020 and is highly supported by leading OEMs as the global standard.

Robust Control & Reliable Safety for the Next Generation Mobility
(Electric Vehicle, Autonomous Car)

VSI's SerDes products have built-in real-time error correction capability (Forward error correction) without retransmitting erroneous data supporting.  It features an accurate data link (Low-latency), and VSI's SerDes products can pinpoint the line fault at a  resolution of 1/2 inch.

Energy efficiency &  affordable cost for Next Automotive Industry

OEMs and Tiers can reduce the wire harness volume through high-speed VSI's SerDes  products. According to less wire harness, It is possible to achieve low-power consumption, cost-saving, and space-maximization.

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Ethernet Technology

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The simplified network, Ethernet Products

Automotive manufacturers are adding more and more computer-based systems, applications, and connections, driving up bandwidth requirements. 

As a result, wiring harness to support these functions.

VSI's Ethernet products will help manufactures wiring cost, weight, and fuel efficiency.

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