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ASA Motion Link_by BMW Group

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

ASA Motion Link is publicly presented for the first time in a Proof of Concept set up by BMW Group

The live demonstration will take place at the IEEE-SA ETHERNET & IP @ AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY DAY in Yokohama, Japan on November 9-10, 2022

November 1, 2022(Munich) Today, Automotive SerDes Alliance(ASA) announced the first public demonstration of the ASA Motion Link (ASAML) technology. The technology will be shown at the IEEE-SA Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day in Yokohama, Japan on November 9-10, 2022, as part of a Proof of Concept (PoC) displayed by BMW Group. The proof of concept shows several cameras and displays connected via an Ethernet backbone, while using either the ASAML technology or IEEE 803.3ch Multi-gigagit Ethernet for the asymmetric high-speed communication requried for these use-cases. The hardware for the two commnication technologies displayed is, among others, provided by Microchip Tehcnology and VSI.

"We are excited to prove the seamless integration of multiple standardized high-speed technologies into a single Ethernet network for applications that in the past had to reply on proprietarty point-to-point connectivity"

said Kirsten Matheus, BMW Group, with respect to the setup.

"This is a significant step in the direction of a true zonal EE-architecture and optimum reuse of sensor data in multiple compute units sinks."

Over the past few years, the tremendous growth in the number of cameras and displays in automobiles has led to an explosize demand for automotive high-speed commnication. Until now, the availability of automotive optimized SerDes standards has been limited. In the Automotive SerDes Alliance(ASA), more than the 100 members, including the automobile manufacturers BMW Group, Ford Motors, Hyundai/Kia Motor Company, and Stellantis, have been working together since May 2019 to address the situation and develop the required Automotive SerDes specifications.

ASA motion link_public
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The first multi-vendor ASA Motion Link Demonstration in a Proof of Concept The live demonstration will take place at the Automotive Ethernet Congress being held in Munich from Mar 21-23. March 17, 202

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최지웅 사외이사, 국회 최고위 미래전략과정 강연 2023년 3월 2일, VSI 사외이사인 최지웅 대구경북과학기술원(DGIST) 교수가 국회 최고위 미래전략과정으로 "모빌리티:산업 전망과 정책 제언" 강연을 진행하였다. 최고위 미래전략과정은 한국과학기술원(KAIST), 광주과학기술원(GIST), 대구경북과학기술원(DGIST), 울산과학기술원(UNIST),

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